My Definition of Counselling...

Counselling is a purposeful process that facilitates growth, direction, and wellness; it is all about CHANGE. In a very real sense, counselling is a journey that requires courage and a genuine interest in exploring what troubles you. Therapeutic change is the collaborative work done by counsellor and client with the intent to identify goals as well as a plan to realize them. The therapeutic setting is one that serves to foster such work.

My Mission...

​As your counsellor, my intention is to be guided by your needs; to meet you where you are currently with genuine empathy and positive regard for your person. I will purposefully work to provide a safe and confidential place where we can explore the possibilities in change. I will foster a collaborative approach toward assessing what is troubling you, identifying goals as well as ways to achieve them, and essentially realizing the change you want to see.

I will be honoured by your willingness to entrust me as a partner in this work.